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User management

Our system is designed to cater to distinct roles, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for every user. Whether you're a Merchant User, Merchant Manager, or Merchant Admin, each role has specific capabilities to enhance your control and efficiency. Dive into the details below to discover the features that come with each role.

Merchant User Roles

Merchant - Admin

Merchant - Manager

Merchant - User


Users with merchant accounts can create, view, and edit, but only for the merchants linked to their account.

Merchant User
The merchant user has viewing rights for merchants that are linked to that account and for those merchants' transactions. The merchant user can also create new transactions for linked merchants.

Merchant Manager
Merchant Managers additionally have viewing rights on Processor accounts, Debtors, Invoices, and Users that are linked to the same merchant(s). Merchant managers can also create and export transactions.

Merchant Admin
Merchant Admins cannot create transactions, but they can create new users (with all 3 merchant roles), link users to merchant(s), edit, and enable/disable users with an equal or lower merchant role.

Users with a role that is higher than Merchant Admin, cannot be created, edited, enabled or disabled by a merchant admin user.

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